Above all, studying means learning, scientific work and lots of appointments. Therefore, good self-organisation is required during the course. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps to help you with this. Here we present a few of these student apps.

1. Google Calendar & Cloud Storage Drive (Android/iOS, free)

You can manage all your important appointments in Google Calendar and be reminded of them in a good time. You can also add other participants to appointments, which is particularly useful for group work. The application is linked to your Gmail address, so you can view and update all important dates from any desktop PC. With your Google account you also have access to Drive, the cloud storage with various extras. The basic version comes with 15 GB of storage space for free. Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations also offer you all the basic programs you need to create scientific papers and presentations. Individual documents or entire folders can be shared with other users – a great function for group work.

2. ISIC App – all ISIC advantages on the smartphone (Android/iOS, free)

With the ISIC app, you always have your internationally valid ISIC student ID conveniently with you on your smartphone. In addition, you can use all ISIC discounts and services both in everyday life and when travelling, and filter by city and country. You can also display the benefits for categories such as accommodation, food and drink, shopping and much more and save favorites for each day or for the next trip abroad.

3. Evernote App – Organise Notes (Android/iOS/Windows, Free)

In the Evernote app you can record, categorise and perfectly organise all your notes, graphics, addresses or to-dos at any time. User-friendly features such as different highlighter colours, heading levels or link editing tools make project planning much easier for you, so you can work more productively and efficiently. In addition, Evernote allows you to clip content from the web and add more complex content such as audio, photos, checkboxes, attachments, or sketches to your notes, giving you holistic organisation.

4. Mendeley – Reference Management App (Android/iOS, free)

Whether for presentations, term papers or theses – you can easily manage your literature in the Mendeley app. Add PDFs to your library, search the library for keywords, and comment and mark up text. You can also work offline in the Mendeley app – as soon as you are online again, the app syncs across all your devices and to the Mendeley desktop. The app has over 7,000 citation styles that can be changed in a flash. Perfect for bibliographies of term papers or theses.

5. Nextory – audio books and e-books for on the go (Android, iOS, from EUR 9.99/month)

With the Nextory app you have access to the latest audio book and e-book releases and can read and listen to as many books as you want. For a fixed monthly fee, you can immerse yourself in the magical world of stories, so you can treat yourself to a little break from everyday life anytime, anywhere. With your ISIC, ITIC, or IYTC card, you can test Nextory for 45 days free of charge and thus benefit from Nextory’s gigantic bandwidth.

6. Studo App – Organization as the key to success

Who doesn’t lose track of their studies? With the help of Studo you can finally bring order to your everyday studies and save a lot of time with the help of many useful functions. In addition to a practical course, grades or calendar overview, you will also find a news feed in the app, which contains all the important news about your studies and also draws your attention to many great offers. You can also link your university e-mails to the Studo app and use the chat function to network and exchange ideas with fellow students.

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